Build Your Brand

Whether you have a small business already that needs some help growing... 

Or you have a dream of becoming an Entrepreneur and don't know where to start...

I can help!

I will teach you one-on-one how to grow your Social Media following by creating a cohesive look that attracts more followers.

I will teach you how to build a Brand that is unique to you, then help you grow this brand through marketing, Social Media, and print work.

I will teach you the importance of organization and time management as a busy Entrepreneur and give you the tools to be most successful.

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Take advantage of the introductory rate of $100 for your first month of one-on-one Coaching.

Build Your Brand

In the land of Brands, we will help you stand apart by being YOU. 

By highlighting your interests, your business and your unique qualities, we will create a brand that stands apart.

Grow Social Media Following

Using tools that I will teach you , we will grow your following by implementing strategies to grow your brand and your followers.

Be Organized + Efficient

We are all busy and being an Entrepreneur does not mean we have extra hours in the day to grow our dreams. We have to work smarter, not harder and I will teach you strategies to help you find success without burning out.

What our customers are saying

Amy is a natural leader and so kind. She knows the struggles of being a small business owner and wants us all to succeed. She helped me create my own brand and share it with the world.

Jen S.  Team 360